for the emancipated consumer
made for you facility for architecture and design

made for you is a facility for project and construction of works of architecture and design.

Its objective is the production of unique parts, using the endogeny of material resources and labor, through upcycling and design open source.
Do you have a terrain vague or leftovers? Do you want to build your own autonomy?
We will be glad to help you!

Chicken coop with washing machine drums
Palette swing on disabled high-voltage cables
Boa Viagem eco-farm
Tent with canes
Dome over platform
Wind turbine
Composting toilet
Raft with cabin for geese
Guard for the water meter
Bathtubs with plants for greywater cleaning
Bathing spot
Maria backstop and can lid with trowel
Recovery of a house in schist
Common bathroom

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