for the emancipated consumer

What is HOBBYECTSˇ ?

They are new objects made from other new objects,
decontextualizing their origin
and recontextualizing their finality.

Their aim is to stimulate the sensory reactors
by confrontation of patterns.

The later output is the development of
a sense of emancipation from consumption
and the fulfillment of doing it yourself.
HOBBYECTSˇ has four branches:

made by us: unique numbered objects made from new parts.
They can be ordered on this site.

made by them: showroom with objects from other designers who share our upcycling and open source approach.

made by you: The power in your hands, with know-how on low-tech.
You can participate in Workshops whose dates you will find here or invite us to your space.
You can also get to know our research texts.

made for you: architecture and design services, where we produce customized projects for your needs, through endogenous resources.

from hobby horse (14th cent.)
a little horse
possibly from the name of a particular horse
from the Latin obiectum
thrown against
ob: against
iacio: to throw
from the Latin emanciperen
to let go of the hand, to transfer
e: from
man: hand
cip: take
from the Latin consumo
to take fully
con: intensivity prefix
sūmō: to obtain

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